Multiple rentals available | Binnie Bianco Team

The Binnie Bianco Team has several homes and apartments available for rent in Conshohocken, West Conshohocken, Lafayette Hill, and Bridgeport. For more information or to schedule a viewing contact Adam Ferraioli at (484) 620-9258.

The listings are as follows:

229 Ash Lane, Lafayette Hill
3BD/2.5BA — $2,500/month

103 Front St, West Conshohocken
3BD/2.5BA — $3,200/month

132 E. 8th Ave #1, Conshohocken
1BD/1BA — $1,500/month

122 W. Front St, Bridgeport
3BD/1.5BA — $2,150/month

37 2nd St, Bridgeport
3BD/2.5BA — $2,150/month