Mosquito Spraying in Four Conshohocken Parks on June 3rd

The Borough of Conshohocken has announced that four of its parks will be chemically treated In an effort to help control the mosquito population. The spraying will take place on Monday, June 3. The parks involved are:

  • Sutcliffe Park
  • Aubrey Collins Memorial Park 
  • 2nd Avenue Meadows
  • Haines and Salvati Memorial Park

The Borough advises that park users should “exercise caution and pay attention to notices about spraying, which will be posted in the parks 48 hours prior to treatments.” The Borough advises that park users should avoid treated areas for at least two hours (which gives time for the chemicals to dry)/

Conshohocken-based Chemical Exterminating Co, Inc. will be performing mosquito treatments and will be using the chemical Czymic, which is EPA registered. If you have questions about the chemical, you should contact Chemical Exterminating at (610) 828-2059.