’s 2018 Election Endorsements

Just kidding. However, we are going to start making endorsements next election cycle (that election involves races that are more local and true to our mission). Up for election are seats on municipal governing bodies and the school board.

This time around we are just going to endorse voting. So go out and vote tomorrow.

Wednesday we start tracking the money flowing into the 2019 municipal and school board races. We are going to examine who the donors are and the relationship between the donors and party leadership/candidates. We are going to look at how much is donated from within the local community and how much outside money flows into the local races. And most importantly, which donors are rewarded with contracts.

We are going to ask candidates lots of questions. We will publish their answers or their lack of response.

We are going to go all out for the 2019 election (and our sister sites in the Ambler and Glenside areas will too).

Whats up with the photo at the top you ask? Whoever administers the Whitemarsh Democrats Facebook page recently implied we publish negative things about the Colonial School Board just to generate clicks and “make a buck.” So we had that photo created (its a Breaking Bad reference) for fun.