Now Offers Affordable Obituaries

As grows we are adding some things that have been traditionally found in the local newspaper.

Our latest addition is obituaries. While doing research, we found that obituaries can be very expensive. One funeral director told us that the last three obituaries he had placed in a local newspaper cost between $500 and $1,500 per obituary.

With many traditional newspapers facing a decline in readership and now moving their websites to behind paywalls, wants to offer an affordable alternative.

For $75, you can post an obituary on that will be free for all to see and live online forever. Additionally, we will share the obituary on Facebook and within an email newsletter if desired. This service is also available on and

When making arrangements for a funeral, ask your funeral director about placing an obituary on (we met with all the local ones recently and they are aware of the new service). You can also arrange for an obituary directly by emailing