More Details on the Road Rage Incident on Ridge Pike

Earlier today shared with you video from a road rage incident on Ridge Pike that was caught on video. The incident resulted in an arrest and can now share with you information from the police report from the Plymouth Township Police Department. From the report:

On Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 1054 hours, Officers responded to the area of Ridge Pike and Carland Road for the report of a disturbance. Upon arrival, both parties were separated. I made contact with witnesses and an involved person, Jason Bullock, who directed me to the other involved individual that was parked on the shoulder of Ridge Pike and Belvoir Road. I was able to ascertain that the actor parked on the shoulder, later identified as Anthony Axe, struck Bullock in the face with a closed fist.

Axe, operating a Ford Taurus bearing PA registration #GJT-0427, was outside of the vehicle and walking around with his cane. Axe was frantic and was adamant that Bullock was the aggressor and that he was protecting himself. I was advised by radio that Axe may have a knife on his person. I searched Axe and did not locate the knife. Axe stated that he was involving in a road rage interaction with Bullock for a couple of miles on Ridge Pike. Axe stated that he followed Bullock and they both engaged in a verbal argument that escalated physically. Axe was detained. SGT Copestick, who has prior knowledge of Axe, informed me by radio that he has prior arrests in violation of Title 35. I asked Axe if he had contraband on his person or in his vehicle, to which he replied he had a “joint” in his front pocket and motioned for me to retrieve it which I did. Also inside the plastic bag that had the joint was a small white pill, later identified as Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine. According to, the 20mg pill is a schedule 2. Axe provided verbal consent, with Officers Hummel and Donohue present for me to search his vehicle. Axe was not in a police car at that time, and was leaning on the trunk at the time he provided consent. I observed damage to the passenger side of Axe’s vehicle to include a broken side view mirror.

Detective SGT Longo located a “MTech” folding knife along the curb between the incident and where I was co-located with Axe. The folding knife was partially opened. The knife appeared to be clean and was out of place with the other debris in that area. The knife was photographed and collected as evidence. I transported the knife back to the station and entered it into Evidence Tracker.

I then met with Bullock, who was talking with SGT Copestick. Bullock stated that he was operating a silver, Chevrolet Impala bearing PA registration #KNV-1940 and traveling West on Ridge Pike in the right lane. Bullock stated that Axe was in the left lane on Ridge Pike and attempted to enter his lane when he sideswiped him. The damage on Bullock’s vehicle was along the driver side. The damage started past the rear driver door and stopped past the front driver door and tire. Bullock stated that following the accident, he engaged in a verbal argument with Axe. Axe escalated the situation with a single closed fist punch to the right side of his face. Bullock stated that Axe then produced a small black knife, and he backed away from Axe. Axe then entered his vehicle and drove to the shoulder.

The police report then outlines the interviews with the witnesses, which include the other driver, the person who made the video and the two Plymouth Township Public Works employees who intervened prior to the arrival of the police.

At this point Axe’s wife arrives to the scene. From the report:

Axe’s wife, Dawn Passalacqua, arrived at the location and requested to take Axe’s vehicle. Passalacqua, without being asked, spontaneously uttered “that’s my knife!” Passalacqua took control of the vehicle and Axe’s wallet and phone.

Axe was transported to the Plymouth Township Police Station and charged with the following:

  • PACC 907(a) Possessing Instruments of crime (M1)
  • PACC 2701 (a)(1) Simple Assault (M2)
  • PACC 2701 (a)(3) Simple Assault (M2)
  • PACC 2709 (a)(1) Harassment (Summary)
  • PACC 5503 (a)(1) Disorderly Conduct (Summary)

Photo: Mugshot from Plymouth Township Police Department