Montgomery County Moving Towards Connecting Erdenheim Farm to Trail System in 2017

Montgomery County is moving forward with plans to connect Erdenheim Farm to the Cross County Trail and connect the Cross County Trail to the Wissahickon Trail. From the Chestnut Hill Local:

Montgomery County now wants to show off the farm’s beauty to the local community through construction of the Wissahickon Connector Trail.

The plan is to extend the Cross County Trail into Erdenheim Farms and connect the Wissahickon Trail in Fort Washington State Park to the end of Wissahickon Trail by Stenton and Northwestern Avenue near the Morris Arboretum.

Both segments will be about a mile each. The Cross County Trail will connect with the new extension of the Wissahickon Trail once construction is finished.

The trail will be extended 20 miles, at a width of 8 to 12 feet, with asphalt or hard-cinder pavement surface that will be suitable for biking, walking, jogging, and rollerblading.

“We have a big vision for the trails,” said Jody Holton, executive director of the Montgomery County Planning Commission.

The purpose of the trail extension, Holton said, is to improve to improve the quality of life, transportation options and health choices for active pedestrians.

Construction is targeted for 2017.