Montco Department of Public Safety Reports No Suspicious Clowns in Montgomery County

The Montgomery County Department of Public Safety sent out a notice today to schools informing them that there is no credible information on potential clown violence in the county. The letter reads:


Dear Heads of Schools,

Social Media has been active with “suspicious activity associated with clowns” in Montgomery County as well as other parts of the United States.
In Montgomery County no credible information or actual sightings have been reported.

At this point, with our current information, we are recommending our schools maintain an appropriate level of Situational Awareness and continue normal operations.
We are monitoring the overall situation and will forward additional information as needed.

Contact me with any questions.

Steve Beck
School Safety Coordinator
Montgomery County
Department of Public Safety

So for now, at least in Montco, all clowns are happy clowns.