Monetate Moving Headquarters Out of Conshohocken (But Keeping an Office Here) Philly reported today that Monetate will be moving its headquarters out of Conshohocken (Whitemarsh Township), but retaining its office in the Quaker Chemical complex on East Hector Avenue. From the article:

Monetate, one of Philly’s flagship e-marketing companies, announced Tuesday the relocation of its headquarters from Conshohocken, Pa., to New York City.

CEO Lucinda Duncalfe told over the phone that the company’s Conshy office, which currently houses around two-thirds of the company’s workforce, will stay put, as will the Palo Alto, Calif., and London locations, though the Philly footprint will likely shrink.

“The reasoning behind this is: we want to be closer to our clients who are sitting in the midst of the marketing ecosystem,” Duncalfe said. “And it’s all in NYC. We want to make NYC our spiritual head.”

You can read the entire article here.