Missed Connections: I Threw You Out of My Place and You Took My Credit Cards

Sounds like a night out in Conshohocken got a little crazy. A poster on CraigsList.com’s Missed Connections claims that she was out with a friend in Conshy and ended up inviting some guys back to her home. She then kicked out one guy, who she claims went through her purse and helped himself to her credit cards. She doesn’t seem think he took them to run up a big order of shorties at Wawa, but just to cause her some grief.

Here is the post:

Hi I was out in conshy with my friend Saturday night we had a guys come back to my place later . I tried to kick one of you out . Obviously I wasn’t aware what I was doing when I was yelling . In the morning some things were moved around and cards were stolen out of my purse just to get back at me !!! If you happen to see this please do the right thing and contact me . I am sorry but we all act different when we drink . Thank you .