Missed Connection: You Should Be Locked Up

This is not a normal Missed Connection. Apparently a “hot (under the collar) housewife” was getting all crazy in traffic near the intersection of Chemical Road and Germantown Pike in Plymouth Meeting. The poster claims you clipped his rearview mirror and wants an apology.

From CraigsList.com’s Missed Connections:

Me: Innocent Bystander
You: Hot (under the collar) Housewife in an SUV You were so fixated indulging your road rage on the black Audi you didn’t notice you clipped my mirror. I heard at least 3 people tell you where to stick your horn as we merged into the two lanes under the Turnpike bridge at Germantown Pike and Chemical Road. But you couldn’t hear them because you were screaming like a maniac. I tried to catch you, but you passed all the cars by jumping into the turn lane and then almost caused an accident in front of the Luk Oil by going straight.
You can apologize to me on Facebook or I will ask for an apology in front of everyone at the Back To School Parent’s Meeting or when our kids play ball again. 
I’m not shy. And you should be locked up.