Missed Connection – So Who Was Shopping at Whole Foods Market in Plymouth Meeting Recently?

Here is the latest Craigslist.com Missed Connection. In this edition, a male seeks to connect with a lady he spied at Whole Foods Market in Plymouth Meeting. Here is the text from the post:

Well not sure if I will ever see you again. I could have chased you out to the parking lot, that wouldn’t have been cool.

You were at the front registers, I was in the pub at lunch. I know you saw me because you walked and stood at the front of the pub for a while where I could see you talking to the bald dude with glasses. And I was checking out your hot ass for 10 minutes.

If you reply to this tell me what you were wearing in the title.

We like how he realizes chasing a lady through a parking lot is a step too far, but has no qualms mentioning her “hot ass.” This post made us think of this scene from My Blue Heaven, a Steve Martin movie from the 1980’s.