Missed Connection in Lafayette Hill – You Danced, He Complimented You and then You Ran For the Exit

A married guy posted on CraigsList.com’s Missed Connections trying to reconnect with a lady he met in Lafayette Hill on a recent Friday night. He must have offered quite the compliment to send her running for the exit. Here is the text of the ad he posted:

I’ve spent the weekend going over the events of Friday night. To me, you were mesmerizing. We had an intense few moments, but understandably you backed away. I get it. But if I were presented with you again, your smile, your devouring gaze, I would try again. I haven’t felt that kind of intensity in a while. I haven’t been wanted in 7 years, the way you wanted me. Driving home, I literally felt high. I spent the rest of the night coming down, moreover going through withdrawal.

We were in Lafayette Hill. You were with a group of ladies, and once you made your decision about me, you Ubered away. If you’d like to pick up where we left off, please let me know where we were and what compliment I gave to you.

So lets have some fun. Tell us in the comments what you think the compliment was.