Missed Connection: Cheating Husband Likes to be Called Daddy

A cheating husband has taken to Craigslist.com’s Missed Connections in search of a women he had a one-night stand with in Conshy. Here is the post:

We hooked up that night in Conshy after the Eagles game. I’m married, but you didn’t mind. It was pretty crazy. You loved how rough I was and I loved you calling me Daddy and screaming for your roommate and neighbors to hear. Wish your roommate could have joined us.

I deleted your number bc I was guilty the next morning, but I’ll take you up on your offer to be a booty call. Especially if you’re open to a repeat of our fun last time, and maybe even crazier times ahead.

Tell me who the Eagles played that night, your name, and your roommates name so I know you’re the right gal.

So if you heard someone screaming daddy after an Eagles game, she may be your neighbor!