Meow. Blogger tells Chester County township to not end up looking like Conshohocken

Chester County Ramblings had a snarky tweet today that involved Conshohocken, well really West Conshohocken. It tweeted about a proposal to place some digital billboards in East Whiteland Township and offered the warning “we don’t want to look like Conshohocken.”

The digital billboard in question is near the westbound exit off 76 and is in West Conshohocken, not Conshohocken. It somewhat recently replaced a run of the mill stagnant billboard.

To be fair, the billboard in question in West Conshohocken has resulted in some complaints due to how bright it was initially. It has since been dimmed. Not sure if there are still complaints coming in.

For some residents, it was like when Kenny Rogers Roasters opened up across from Seinfield and Kramer’s building.