Member of Plymouth Township’s Council addresses the potential sale of Conshohocken’s sewer system sent an email on March 3rd to the members of Plymouth Township’s Council and West Conshohocken’s Borough Council asking whether either intended to weigh-in on the potential sale of the Conshohocken sewer system by the Borough of Conshohocken. A portion of Plymouth Township’s residents and all of West Conshohocken would be impacted by any future rate increases that result from a sale of the system to a for-profit company.

We did not receive a response from any member of either council, but Plymouth Township Council Member Karen Bramblett made a Facebook post today that addresses the issue and hints at potential litigation. According to Bramblett, Plymouth Township provides approximately 26% of the funds allocated towards capital improvements.

Below is her statement:

Impact of Conshohocken sewer sale on Plymouth residents. Plymouth may not have a vote, but we do have a voice. Conshohocken Borough Is contemplating selling its sewer system to a private, third party, which could mean a big jump in sewer rates for Plymouth residents whose sewage is sent to Conshy. Under a contract between Conshy and Plymouth, not only is sewage sent to Conshy, but Plymouth contributes about 26% to capital improvements. Conshy has not notified, included, nor consulted with Plymouth about the potential sale.

On March 10, Plymouth sent a letter to Conshohocken Council members expressing our concerns and requesting information and protection for Plymouth and its residents. Plymouth has vowed to consider all options under the agreement and at law to protect the Township’s rights, assets, and investment, as well as the best interests of our residents in this matter.

Plymouth Township’s Council considered selling its sewer system in recent years to fund the renovation of its township building. The sale was eventually decided against and earlier this month the council voted to move forward with a bond to fund the project.

In 2017, West Conshohocken sold its sewer system to the Conshohocken Sewer Authority for $9.5 million.

More to come.