Medical Marijuana Seminar Coming to West Conshohocken on June 5th

Have you been wondering how to start the Conshohocken Cartel and corner the medical marijuana market now that it has been legalized? The US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development is holding a seminar at the Philadelphia Marriott West in West Conshohocken on Sunday, June 5th from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. US Cannabis describes the purpose of the seminar as follows:

The budding medical marijuana biz isn’t just for big wigs — it’s for average Joes, Marys and Janes, too! Now’s the time to get involved in in the fastest growing industry in America with little or no experience. US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development is hosting one-day seminars on everything you need to know about the Pennsylvania medical marijuana system.

See how they utilized Mary and Jane there?

Anyway, the seminar is $300.00. You can learn all the details by clicking here.