Mayor of West Conshohocken resigning

The resignation of the mayor of West Conshohocken, Gregory Wesley-Lynch, is on the agenda of tonight’s (July 14) meeting of West Conshohocken’s Borough Council. We are told that Wesley-Lynch is moving out of the borough.

Pennsylvania’s Borough Code requires the following once there is a vacancy in an elected office:

If any vacancy occurs in the office of the mayor, member of council, auditor, controller or tax collector, by death, resignation under subsection (a.1) or termination of residency from the borough, or from a ward in the case of a ward office, or by failure to take the required oath, to give bond as provided by law or ordinance or to provide the affidavit required under section 801 (relating to eligibility), or in any other manner whatsoever, the council shall fill the vacancy within 30 days by appointing, by resolution, a registered elector of the borough, or of the ward in the case of a ward office, to hold the office, if the term continues that long, until the first Monday in January after the first municipal election occurring more than 60 days after the vacancy occurs, at which election an eligible individual shall be elected to the office for the remainder of the term. Except as provided in section 801(c), no individual shall be appointed to fill a vacancy in an elected borough or ward office unless the individual has resided within the borough, or within the ward in the case of a ward office, continuously for at least one year immediately prior to the individual’s appointment.

Borough Council has 30 days to name a replacement once they accept the resignation. The person they appoint must have been a resident of the borough for one full year.

Wesley-Lynch, a Democrat, is in the middle of his second term in office.