Mary Jo Daley Declares Candidacy for New 4th Congressional District

One day after the PA Supreme Court mandated a new map for Congressional districts, current State Representative Mary Jo Daley (D) declared that she is a candidate for Congress in the new Montco-centric 4th District.

Daley was already running again for her seat in the Pennsylvania legislature. It hasn’t been stated yet if she will run for both seats at the same time, which is allowed. As a State Representative, municipalities that fall within the her State Representative district are Conshohohocken, Whitemarsh Township and Plymouth Township.

The new map left Congressman Brendan Boyle (D), who currently represents the now defunct 13th District, with two options. His base is centered in Northeast Philadelphia, which is now in the 2nd District, however, as the Congressman representing the 13th, he represented a chunk of Montgomery County.  He could stay put and run for the seat in the 2nd District or move to Montgomery County and run for the seat in the 4th District.

Daley could have announced to keep Boyle out of considering a run in the 4th, where he would now face a primary, or she may already know that he plans to run in the 2nd District and thus the 4th District is wide open.

More to come.