Man not happy with fellow shoppers at local grocery store during pandemic

Spotted this on’s Rants and Raves. This guy isn’t happy with you If you were shopping at the Giant at the Metroplex in Plymouth Meeting on Friday afternoon.

Friday April 3 3:00
Gov. Wolf said to wear a mask when going out. Also, keep SIX FEET away from everyone.

I wore two layers of cloth over my nose and mouth. Plus gloves.

When I walked into Giant about half the customers did not have masks or any face protection on. I could not believe my eyes. Even the Giant employees weren’t wearing masks. Interestingly, the store manager was wearing a mask. So I asked him why the workers weren’t wearing masks. He said they’re not required to, it’s optional. I asked why it’s not store policy and he said it’s personal choice of employees.

Several customers were ignoring the six feet rule. I had to keep stopping and waiting for space to open up to go around them.

I saw two women together with masks on and said “Can you believe all these people with no masks?” They couldn’t believe it, either. Just then a middle aged man–no mask–pushing a cart walked by me only 3 feet away. I said in a loud voice “SIX FEET!” He answered, “Then move.” I went off on him and said “YOU move, asshole!” He kept walking.

Let’s review:
We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic of a deadly virus that is highly contagious. But these fuckwits think taking precautions to stay alive is “optional”.


This society is fucked. You selfish assholes don’t give a damn about anyone but yourselves.