Magisterial District Judge candidates split ballots

Tuesday’s primary election involving the Magisterial District Judge position that covers the west side of the Borough of Conshohocken and all of Plymouth Township had one more of the interesting results. Please note that these are unofficial results.

Both candidates in the race, incumbent Frank Bernhardt and first-time candidate Jodi Lukens Griffis, cross-filed and appeared on both the Democratic and Republican ballots. Bernhardt handily won the Republican ballot by more than 1,000 votes, however, the Democratic ballot had a more mixed result.

While Griffis won the Democratic Party ballot 1,600 to 723, Bernhardt received 31.8% of the Democratic vote. With Griffis winning just 14.37% of the Republican vote, Bernhardt received more votes overall with 2,051 over Griffis’ 1,823.

Due to their splitting their ballots, both candidates now advance to the general election scheduled for November 2nd.

Photos: from the candidates