Local students at Tulane heading home after Hurricane Ida

There are a number of local college students who attend Tulane University in New Orleans who just experienced their first evacuation due to a hurricane or the hurricane itself if they stayed on campus.

Freshman Rachel Sterling of Lafayette Hill and a graduate of Plymouth Whitemarsh High School was one local student who remained on campus for the storm. Others we have heard about went to Atlanta or flew home prior to the storm.

Once the storm passed, Sterling was allowed out to visit the dining hall and was able to take some pictures and videos of the campus. There was a lot of debris, but based on her pictures the campus held up pretty well.

However, power is out in the city and late this afternoon Tulane announced it was evacuating all of the remaining students to Houston. There they will be housed and fed by the university until they can’t travel home. The university has canceled classes until September 12th and will begin virtual classes on September 13th. Virtual classes are expected to last until October 6th.

In an interesting twist of fate, the students may arrive home just in time to experience the remnants of Hurricane Ida as heavy rains and some resulting flooding are expected in the area on Wednesday and Thursday.

Top Photo: Tulane staff take down banners on the campus prior to the storm’s arrival. Photo courtesy of Tulane University