Local professionals seek career reinvention with Conshohocken MBA program

When life is a balancing act, it can be difficult to prioritize goals like earning a graduate degree. But with the right program and support system, students are able to thrive, support their families and take the next step in their careers.  

Vinay Parikh and Kristina Tinsley are current students in Temple University’s Fox School of Business Part-Time MBA program in Conshohocken. While Parikh and Tinsley were successful in their particular fields, both found themselves looking to reinvent their careers.  

A flexible, convenient option

The Fox Part-Time MBA – Conshohocken approaches earning an MBA in a different way than other MBA programs at the school do. It includes weekend intensive classes and two evening courses per term with online flexibility built in, so students come to an in-person class once per week. Students take classes at WorkMerk right off the Schuylkill Expressway in a cohort, or a group of students working together through the same academic program.

Parikh is a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Temple University who serves on the board for multiple scientific committees, panels and academic journals. With a lifelong passion for learning and education, he realized that transforming novel scientific ideas into practical solutions would require training and skills of an MBA degree. He chose the program in Conshohocken because of the convenient location as well as the quality of courses and flexibility.

“I really wanted to make sure that the program was going to work for me because I am already busy,” Parikh says. “The accelerated program means you can get your degree in two years, but there is a lot of flexibility in its structure with the weekend intensive classes and the hybrid format. Also, Conshohocken is close to where I live, so it is easy to commute for my classes.”

A curriculum for the executive-Level

The regimented curriculum and highly structured nature of the Conshohocken MBA also help students reach their goals within a two-year period. Ofra Bazel-Shoham, a research assistant professor and the academic director of the Part-Time MBA – Conshohocken, says it addresses the needs of professionals who are looking to develop executive-level business knowledge. With a mix of in-person and online courses, students can earn an MBA on a schedule that works for their lives and career goals.

While Parikh’s path forward is not yet clear, he is much more confident in his ability to translate scientific concepts into entrepreneurial ventures rooted in social responsibility. “In the program, I have been able to acquire skills that will help me be invaluable in my career.”

A support system

Students also embrace the program’s cohort structure and have found support and wisdom in their classmates. Kristina Tinsley, who started her career working in risk management, reporting and forecasting, joined the program to expand the scope of her career. Looking back on her first year as an MBA student, she says she was motivated by her cohort of about 35 other students. Tinsley was pregnant when she started the program, and her water broke in class. Since then, she says her classmates have become “like a little family.” 

“There are definitely times when you’re exhausted or pulling different strings, and your classmates really help you,” Tinsley says. “There is an understanding that life is happening around us—we all have full-time jobs and responsibilities—and you work through that with your classmates.”

No matter where Tinsley or Parikh decide to go in their careers, their education will help them get there.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career with a convenient, flexible program based in Conshohocken? Request more information about the Fox Part-Time MBA – Conshohocken today.