Local businesses among the first round recipients of Montgomery County’s restaurant grant program

Montgomery County has announced the first round recipients of its MontcoStrong 2021 Restuarant Grant Program. The $5 million fund was established by the county to support restaurants during the pandemic. Through January 27th, 194 grants were approved with each receiving $10,000 ($1.94 million total to all recipients). The county received 866 applications and there is still $3,060,000 to award.

The local recipients are:

  • Guppy’s Good Times (Borough of Conshohocken)
  • Baggataway Tavern (Borough of West Conshohocken)
  • Brittingham’s Pub (Whitemarsh Township)
  • Bruno’s (Springfield Township)
  • Cantina Feliz (Whitemarsh Township)
  • The StoneRose (Borough of Conshohocken)
  • Conshohocken Brewing (Whitemarsh Township)
  • Conshy Girls Restaurant Group, owner of Gypsy Saloon and Southern Cross Kitchen (Borough of West Conshohocken)
  • Deli on 4th (Borough of Conshohocken)
  • Dragon & Phoenix Express (Borough of Conshohocken)
  • El Limon Corporation, owner of several locations in county (Borough of Conshohocken)
  • Feine Company, owner of two locations in the county (Borough of Conshohocken)
  • Fingers Wings and Other Things (Plymouth Township)
  • Franzone’s (Plymouth Township)
  • Spring Mill Café (Whitemarsh Township)
  • Old Time Saloon (Borough of Conshohocken)
  • Happy Maki (Plymouth Township)
  • Jack Francis Catering (Borough of Conshohocken)
  • The Lucky Dog Gatsropub (Borough of Conshohocken)
  • Ye Olde Ale House (Whitemarsh Township)
  • Whitemarsh Valley Country Club (Whitemarsh Township)
  • Viggiano’s (Borough of Conshohocken)