Lobster Roll war this weekend at Conshy Seafood Co.

This weekend Conshy Seafood Co. plans to find out which type of lobster roll is the champ.

In one corner you have a Connecticut Style Lobster Roll, which features chilled lobster meat with warm butter on a toasted bun.

In the other corner, you have a New England Style Lobster Roll, which features a mayonnaise base with celery, pickled red pepper, and shallots tossed with chilled lobster meat on a toasted bun.

Can’t decide? Get the lobster sampler which is 1/2 of each style.

Every lobster roll comes with homemade crisps or bay fries. and a canned soda or water.

And for dinner, Conshy Seafood is introducing as of October 9th, Mac and Cheese, Lobster Mac & Cheese, and Tempura Crab Balls.

Stay tuned for lots of menu enhancements coming to Conshy Seafood and
an exciting announcement in the coming weeks.

Orders can be placed online or by calling (610) 563-2061. Conshy Seafood offers takeout, free delivery, and has limited outdoor seating.