Let ‘Tis the Season help make the holiday season stress free

Worried about where to hide the gifts this holiday season with the kids likely home from school? What about all those packages being delivered and piling up on the porch for all to see? And when will you find time to do all the gift wrapping?

Luckily, an existing local business owner Ashley Holt has launched ‘Tis the Season Gift Storage & Wrapping so you can stop worrying and enjoy the holiday season.

‘Tis the Season gives the option of having your packages either shipped or dropped off to them, where they will then inventory each item with photos after unboxing, and then wrap each gift. They also have an option to just have your items wrapped if you don’t require storage.

Wrapping pricing is based on the size of the item, ranging from $4 to $8, and you can even provide your own wrapping paper which will reduce the cost. Storage pricing is based on the number of items.

For more information and specific pricing, please email TistheSeasonpa@gmail.com. You can also follow ‘Tis the Season on Instagram.