Legendary Viking Game Gets West Conshohocken Makeover in COOB

West Conshohocken’s Chris Short spent two years creating 35 Tailgate Olympic events each using three red blocks, three blue blocks, and three white batons. He calls the game set COOB. By either pitching batons at blocks, or pitching coins into blocks, beach bums, beer buddies, and backyard heroes can now enjoy new versions of bocce, bowling, beer pong, golf, croquet, washers, horseshoes, lawn darts, shuffleboard, and cornhole.

Short wrote his own US patent and based his product on the 1000 year old Viking game kubb that millions play worldwide, especially in Sweden. He explained, “I took the concept of pitching batons and toppling blocks then applied it to all of my favorite outdoor games. The best part of Tailgate Olympics is that every game is portable, easy to learn, and anyone can win.”

Short is seeking support for his creation on Kickstarter,  where you’ll get all 35-games-in-1 for only $35. The blocks and batons are made in Pennsylvania out of strong, waterproof plastic-lumber.

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, his next dream is to pitch a blue & yellow Swedish retail-version to IKEA’s national headquarters located in Conshohocken.

You can play COOB locally at the Conshohocken Beer Garden.