Leaf Pick-Up Rules and Schedule in Conshohocken

Wondering what do with all those leaves you put in a pile? The Borough of Conshohocken collects them and has a schedule and has a set of rules to follow to make sure your leaves get collected. All the info is below:

Please look for the yellow ‘Leaf Collection’ signs that will be posted the week before your block is to be collected.

For the most part ‘NO Parking’ signs will not be posted; however, the few places ‘NO Parking’ signs are posted please obey them.

Adverse weather conditions or equipment trouble may cause delays on the leaf collection schedule.

Fall Leaf-Vac Collection Rules and Regulations:

  • The leaf pile may extend along length of your entire property. Please rake your piles to the curb but not in to the street.
  • Please do not mix limbs, brush, and other debris in the leaf piles. This may result in damage to equipment and injuries to employees.
  • Leaves will not be collected in the trash. Trash with leaves commingled will not be collected.
  • Please take note of the yellow ‘coming soon signs’ that will be posted the week before the leaf-vac is scheduled for your street.
  • Due to traffic conditions on E. Hector and Elm Streets; narrow roads, high volume of traffic, one-way traffic and the nature of the ‘Leaf-Vac’, collection is limited, Please bag your leaves and/or yard waste and place curbside for pick-up on Wednesdays.

There is “Yard Waste Collection every Wednesday through out the Borough


East 12th Ave                       Odd Side
Righter to 10th Ave.                Even Side
East & West 11th Ave.           Even Side
East & West 10th. Ave.          Odd Side
East & West 9th Ave.            Even Side
Wood St. 9th to 12th               Odd Side



West 12th Ave.                       Odd Side

Freedley to the Park               Odd Side

East & West 11th Ave.             Odd Side

East & West 10th Ave.             Even Side

East & West 9th Ave.              Odd Side

Wood St. 9th to 12th                Even Side

Borough Hall



East & West 8th Ave.               Even Side

East & West 7th Ave.               Odd Side

East & West 6th Ave.               Even Side

East & West 5th Ave.               Odd Side

Wood St. 4th to 7th                   Odd Side

Freedley St. to Park                Even Side



East & West 8th Ave.               Odd Side

East & West 7th Ave.               Even Side

East & West 6th Ave.               Odd Side

East & West 5th Ave.               Even Side

Wood St. 7th to 4th Ave            Even Side

Maple Street                          Odd Side

Old Elm & Corson St.              Odd Side



Maple Street                          Even Side

Old Elm & Corson St.             Even Side

Hallowell Street                      Even Side

Wells Street                          Odd Side



East & West 4th Ave.               Odd Side

East & West 3rd Ave.               Even Side

East & West 2nd Ave.              Odd Side

Wood St. 3rd to 1st Ave           Odd Side

Fayette Street                       Odd Side

Walnut Street                        Odd Side

Sutcliffe Lane                         Odd Side

Lenape Lane                          Odd Side

Pleasant Valley Drive              Odd Side



East & West 4th Ave.               Even Side

East & West 3rd Ave.               Odd  Side

East & West 2nd Ave.               Even Side

Wood St. 3rd. to 1st Ave           Even Side

Fayette Street                        Even Side

Walnut Street                         Even Side

Hallowell Street                      Odd Side

Wells Street                           Even Side



Spring Mill Ave                       Odd Side

Forrest Street                         Even Side

Harry Street                           Even Side

Jones Street                           Odd Side

Sutcliffe Lane                          Even Side

Pleasant Valley Drive               Even Side



Spring Mill Ave                        Even Side

Forrest Street                          Odd Side

Harry Street                            Odd Side

Jones Street                            Even Side

After the schedule is complete the Borough will continue to pick-up large piles and clean all inlets and culverts as necessary.