Lawsuit against Montgomery County alleging Sunshine Act violations failed. Federal lawsuit has also been filed

The lawsuit against the Montgomery County Board of Health and county officials was heard today in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court by Judge Richard P. Haaz.

Haaz ruled (view ruling) against the plaintiffs stating that they did not meet the burden of proof in their allegation that the Board of Health failed to comply with the Sunshine Act in connection to a meeting that was held on November 12th and continued on November 13th (an article with details on the lawsuit can be found here).

During the meeting, the Board of Health voted to require public and private schools to teach virtually for two weeks in an effort to mitigate the Coronavirus.

Two things.

A member of the Abington School Board, Raymond McCarry served as the attorney for the defendants.

A federal lawsuit (view) against the Montgomery County Board of Health, the county commissioners, and the county was filed on November 16th in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The lawsuit claims that the Board of Health’s order violated the First Amendment due to it including religious schools and thus violated their right to practice their religion.