Latest on the shooting at East Norriton bowling alley. Plus all of the television news reports

Local television news was on the scene last night of the shooting that took place at Our Town Alley in East Norriton. Each station’s report had details the other stations did not, so below find each report with a description of what the report includes.

In a statement, the East Norriton Police Department shared that four people were shot and one person was pronounced dead at the scene. They believe it is possible that there were other victims who may have been transported to a hospital in personal vehicles prior to their arrival.

Based on reports, the shooting took place after a dispute between two groups. No description of the shooter has been released, but police believe the shooter is from out of town and left the scene.

6ABC Action News’ Katie Katro interviews people who were inside the bowling alley during the shooting.

NBC10’s Steven Fisher interviewed the brother of the person who died and shows a chair that was used by a father to break a window to get his kids out of the building.

CBS3’s Alecia Reid interviews East Norriton’s police chief, and has details like how many witnesses have been interviewed, use of K-9s, and the shooter is believed to be from out of town.

Photo: Screengrab from 6ABC Action News’ video