Latest on State Senator Daylin Leach (D)

State Senator Daylin Leach (D), who represents West Conshohocken and most of Plymouth Township, is still refusing to resign from the State Senate. However, according to, Leach did resign today as the Minority Chair of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.

Leach’s reason for resigning was due to the committee’s potential role involving legislation that would extend the time for victims of sexual assault to pursue criminal charges and civil litigation.

The resulting conflict is due to Leach currently being accused of a sexual assault going back to 1991. Leach has sued his accuser, Cara Taylor, and two others who pushed the accusation publicly.

Last week Leach also responded to Governor Tom Wolf (D) and Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s call for him to resign over the allegation. Here is his response:

Another issue that arose last week for Leach was that fellow State Senator and Democrat Kathleen Muth sent a letter to members of the Senate Ethics Committee. The letter made the argument that Leach should be expelled from the State Senate. From

Newly elected Sen. Katie Muth (D., Montgomery) on Wednesday circulated a letter to members of the Senate Ethics Committee asking for Leach’s expulsion, contending that he has used his office to intimidate women who have accused him of sexual harassment or assault.

Muth and Leach have history. During the 2018 campaign, Muth refused to be on the same stage as Leach during a political event. Leach responded to this by sending an email to the Montgomery County Democratic Committee. In the email, Leach referred to Muth as “a dreadful person” and a “toxic hand grenade.”

Leach is also the subject of an investigation initiated by the State Senate Democrats after the allegation came to light.

More to come.