Last editions of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News printed in Conshohocken zip code on April 1st

April 1st marked the date for the last copies of The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News to be printed at the River Road printing plant in the 19428 Conshohocken zip code. The plant is physically in Upper Merion Township with a Conshohocken address.

The papers’ parent company, The Philadelphia Inquirer, LLC (which is owned by the Philadelphia Foundation), announced in October 2020 that the printing plant would be closed and the papers would be printed at a subcontractor in New Jersey. In January 2021, it was widely reported that developer Brian O’Neill had the printing plant property under an agreement to purchase. A Philadelphia Inquirer article from February suggested O’Neill intends to transform the property into a life-sciences campus.

On April 7th the contents of the building and vehicles were auctioned off.

The Philadelphia Inquirer also published an article about the people who worked at the plant.