Lafayette Hill Native, and Creator of MagicJack, Wins $6.67 Million on Horse Races

Lafayette Hill native Daniel Borislow, who is known for creating the MagicJack, won $6.67 million by accurately picking the winners of the last six races on Sunday, May 25th at Gulfstream Park in South Florida. According to the Sun-Sentinel:

The winner of the biggest payoff in American racing history invested $7,603.20 on the bet, which has a 20-cent base wager. He covered the full fields in all but the sixth race, in which he had only the Nos. 1 and 4. Signofaffection, No. 1, kept him alive.

Borislow, who started the MagicJack phone company and ran the defunct MagicJack women’s soccer team that played in Boca Raton, described himself as a long-time horse player, said, “I really liked that race. I keyed on it and it worked out well.”

Gulfstream’s previous record Rainbow 6 payoff was $3,591,245.44 on Feb. 22, 2013.

One of the races involved a photo finish and Borislow came within inches of not winning. The Palm Beach Post quoted Borislow as saying, “You have to pick all six horses and I was fortunate enough to do that today. It’s still kind of hard to believe, but we saw what we had to pay the IRS and knew it was real.”