Lafayette Hill Family in Brussels During Bombings

Lafayette Hill resident Alice Lindenauer, who is in Brussels with her family, was interviewed yesterday by KYW 1060 AM regarding her family’s experience after the two bombings. Everyone is fine and they weren’t at the sites of the bombings. ISIS claimed responsibility. From KYW:

Alice Lindenauer, of Lafayette Hill, says Brussels was eerily quiet in the hours after the bomb blasts. There was a very strong police presence outside, but otherwise she says people are staying indoors.

Lindenauer is with her family visiting a daughter who is studying in Belgium this semester. They had to scuttle a planned visit to Amsterdam.

“I called the train station and they said the trains were running, but when we got there everybody from the train station was outside and there were armed soldiers by the gates. Then, they told us trains are not running.”

CBS3 then followed-up that evening with an interview via Skype with the family: