La Salle College High School Offers Personalized Experiences

Academic Excellence

Your son has virtually grown up right before your eyes and now here you are, watching him go off into the world and flourish in his last year of middle school. You know that the next school year will bring about a new, exciting and oftentimes nerve-wracking time in his life—high school! High school sets the stage for what’s to come in your child’s life—it’s the stepping-stone into adulthood and choosing the one that best aligns with your family’s values, wants and needs can sometimes seem like a monumental task to overcome. LaSalle College High School offers diverse and unique programs and opportunities that encourage your son to reach his fullest potential in his academic time spent there.   


LaSalle College High School offers a diverse group of Academic programs including Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Through these programs, LaSalle College High School encourages their students to pursue their individual interests, setting the foundation for achieving academic excellence and paving the way for a fulfilling and successful future. The curriculum encourages the students to think and act independently while helping them communicate effectively and lead a faith-centered life confidently.  

Fine Arts

LaSalle College High School is proud to offer focused sections in the Fine Arts including programs in Music and Speech & Debate. Through courses like these, the young men that attend LaSalle College High School are encouraged to be bold, have fun and get creative through music, visual arts and theater programs. Developing these unique talents and gifts given to the students offers a sense of responsibility in each individual as well as encourages the students to think and express themselves creatively through the arts.   

Upcoming Events

October 21 – Explore The Arts at La Salle (Music, Speech & Debate, and Art)
October 26 – 8th Grade Scholarship/Entrance Exam for La Salle College High School
November 9 – 8th Grade Scholarship/Entrance Exam for La Salle College High School

LaSalle College High School is an independent, Roman Catholic preparatory school for young men. For over 150 years, LaSalle College High School has provided a faith-centered curriculum that is challenging, effective and designed to prepare young men for their future. Through LaSalle College High School’s diverse academic programs, many individuals have developed a healthy Christian, human and social life that becomes a tool for fostering healthy development in one’s life.