Kevin McMonagle Will Likely Be Member of Borough Council After All

So earlier tonight we posted that the Borough of Council posted a vacancy notice for the council seat in Ward 5. The post provided details on how to apply for the appointment if interested. The vacancy exists because Kevin McMonagle (R) has not been able to be sworn into office due to a conflict involving his employer, which does auditing work for the Borough.

McMonagle emailed me after the article ran with the following information. Apparently at last night’s borough council meeting this issue was discussed and the according to McMonagle a majority of the members of council have committed to appoint him to council if the audit is completed as scheduled. From McMonagle’s email:

Rich Manfredi updated Council on the 2014 Audit which he said should be completed in the next 2 weeks. Once the 2014 audit is completed it will resolve the independence conflict with my firm and I can be appointed. Most of council verbally affirmed that they would then vote me into the temporary vacancy but decided to post the council opening as a backup plan in case the audit is not finalized within the next 30 days.

Manfredi is the Borough Manager. Stay tuned to see what happens.