Judge Bill Maruszczak Signs Document Confirming Confrontations During 2015 Election

Back in March, MoreThanTheCurve.com reported on Montgomery County Magisterial District Judge William Maruszczak (R), whose district includes West Conshohocken, having a six-count complaint filed against him with the Judicial Conduct Board.

In the primary, incumbent Maruszczak was being challenged by Ian Kingsley (D). Candidates can cross file and run on both parties’ ballots for judge and school board.

Earlier this month, Maruszczak signed a document, a Stipulation of Fact in Lieu of Trial, that outlined three accusations, which he confirmed by signing the document. By signing the document, two additional complaints, involving a recusal issue and the unauthorized practice of law, won’t be pursued.

According to the document signed by Maruszczak, he confronted two people at polling places on the day of the primary election in 2015 to complain about their support of his opponent. This included Saint Gertrude Church in West Conshohocken where he confronted a women he felt should support his campaign due to his relationship with her husband.  At a polling location in Upper Merion, Maruszczak referred to the person he sought out for not supporting his campaign as “Judas Iscariot.” The third person he confronted was an elected official in Upper Merion who he spotted putting up campaign signs for his opponent.

You can read the blow-by-blow here. You should really read it.

The next step is for the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania to make a determination of any penalty.

Photo: BillForJudge.com