Johnny Doc’s Local Political Donations

The Commonwealth Partners, a group that describes itself as “A diverse group of state and local business and community leaders, philanthropists and successful entrepreneurs, who are dedicated to improving the economic environment and educational opportunities for all Pennsylvanians” recently published data on recently indicted union boss Johnny Doughtery’s political campaign donations (through IBEW Local 98) for all current office holders since 2010.

Note that the donation amounts outlined:

  • Are for current office holders only (so if someone was in office from 2010 through 2018, they weren’t included)
  • Do not show what losing candidates received
  • Include donations to political parties
  • Are only from 2010 forward
  • There were either no donations or this study didn’t dig down to the municipal elected official/school board level

You can view the entire list of donations here. Below we pulled out the local data:

United State Congress

The area covers was represented by Brendan Boyle (D) in recent years. The redistricting and most recent election saw Madeleine Dean (D) take over that role. Together the two Democrats took in $71,600 from IBEW Local 98.

U.S. CongressPhiladelphiaBrendan Boyle$29,100
U.S. CongressMontgomery/BerksMadeleine Dean$42,500

United State Senate

Pat Toomey (R) received $5,000 from IBEW Local 98 over the past decade.

We were surprised not to see Pennsylvania’ other senator, Bob Casey (D), on the list. In 2006 (before the money included in the tabulation of this list) IBEW Local 98 supported Rick Santorum (R) who Casey defeated.

U.S. SenateStatewidePat Toomey$5,000

Governor/Lt. Governor

Governor Tom Wolf (D) took almost a million in cash and in-kind donations from IBEW Local 98.

When you combine that with Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s (D) donation of $25,000 from the union, you top $1 million.

GovernorStatewideTom Wolf (includes in-kind)$989,134
Lt. GovernorStatewideJohn Fetterman$25,000

Attorney General

After Governor Wolf, current Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) received the next highest amount. He received $130,000 under his personal campaign committee and then another $50,000 under the Shapiro/Richards campaign committee from when was a Montgomery County Commissioner.

Attorney GeneralStatewideJosh Shapiro Campaign Committee$130,000
Attorney GeneralStatewideShapiro/Richards$50,000

Auditor General

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale (D) received $41,000 from IBEW Local 98.

Auditor GeneralStatewideEugene DePasquale$41,000

State Treasurer

State Treasurer Joe Torsella (D) received $50,000 from IBEW Local 98.

State TreasurerStatewideJoe Torsella$50,000

Local Parties

The Montgomery County Democratic Committee and three Democratic Party community committees took in $42,750 from IBEW Local 98.

Political CommitteeMontgomeryMontgomery County Democratic Committee$37,750
Political CommitteeMongtomeryColonial Area Democratic Committee$2,000
Political CommitteeMontgomeryPlymouth Victory Committee$1,500
Political CommitteeMontgomeryConshohocken Democrats$1,500

County Government

Two County Commissioners and three row officials (all Democrats) received $45,500 from IBEW Local 98.

County CommissionerMontgomeryVal Arkoosh$15,000
County CommissionerMontgomeryKen Lawrence$9,500
County TreasurerMontgomeryJason Salus$7,500
County District AttorneyMontgomeryKevin Steele$12,500
SheriffMontgomeryKilkenny for Sheriff$1,000

State House

State Representatives and State Senators who represent’s coverage area, all Democrats, took in $104,500 from IBEW Local 98 over the decade.

State RepMontgomeryMary Jo Daley$16,500
State RepMontgomeryMatt Bradford$7,000
State RepMontgomeryTim Briggs$11,000
State SenDelaware/MontcoDaylin Leach$22,500
State SenMontgomery/PhilaVincent Hughes$47,500

Local Judges

Judges can cross file and appear on both the Republican and Democratic ballots. However, Ferman is a Republican and Rothstein and Tolliver are Democrats.

Judge – Common PleasMontgomeryRisa Ferman$2,500
Judge – Common PleasMontgomeryWendy G. Rothstein for Judge$2,500
Judge – Common PleasMontgomerySteve Tolliver$3,000