Is the Company in Pennsylvania with the Largest Revenue Going to Make Its Home in Conshohocken?

Broadview Networks recently published a map (pictured above) breaking down the largest companies by revenue in each state. According to the map, the largest company by revenue in Pennsylvania is AmeriSourceBergen, which is located in Chesterbrook. It is rumored that AmeriSourceBergen will be moving to Conshohocken and will make its home in the office building from O’Neill Properties that is currently moving through the approval process.

Here are the stats from the Broadview Systems blog post:

Pennsylvania – AmeriSourceBergen
Location – Chesterbrook, PA
Revenue (Billions) – $87.95

Here is Broadview Systems’ methodology:

We used Hoover’s company database as our source, not the most recent Fortune 500 list. Location and state are based on the corporate headquarters of that company, no branches or foreign offices. Lastly, we decided not to include any subsidiaries or government entities for the sake of staying consistent.