Is an Adam Sandler movie creating a bubble in Conshohocken?

Our little birds told us about a month ago that a movie production was going to film in Philadelphia, but create a bubble at the Residence Inn by Marriott in Conshohocken for its 100 person crew. The bubble is of course needed to keep everyone free of the Coronavirus.

A month ago, no one either knew or was giving up what details about the movie, however, more birds sang today and we believe its Hustle starring Adam Sandler. We are told it is the only movie with that size production preparing to film in the area. The production is slated to start in the fall according to a recent article in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

We are absolutely sure a movie production is staying in Conshohocken. We are fairly certain its the movie Hustle. The movie is about a basketball scout. Lebron James, along with Sanders, are producers on the film. It will air on Netflix.

Does that mean Sandler is going to be spotted buying sports tees at Flocco’s and dining along Fayette Street? Likely not. That would go against the whole principle of creating a bubble. It is also quite possible Sandler isn’t going to stay at the Residence Inn and will have his very own bubble at a Four Seasons or even goes home daily to a home he has in New York.

More to come.