Is a Third Crossfit Coming to Conshohocken?

Crossfit Conshohocken opened a couple years ago on East Elm, CrossFit Thermal just opened on Conshohocken Road and yesterday the Times Herald reports that another CrossFit is seeking to open on Colwell Lane. The report states:

Darin Barker, the owner of CrossFit Inspire of Frazer, asked council not to oppose his company’s zoning request to build a CrossFit in an industrial warehouse at 1050 Colwell Lane. The company has a hearing before the Plymouth Zoning Hearing Board scheduled for 7 p.m. Jan. 20 at the township building.

If approved this would create two CrossFits within a two miles, and another one right in the middle.  With all the confirmed and potential development coming to Conshohocken, we can expect to see more amenity type business open.