Insurance Tips for First Time Home Buyers (Sponsored Content)

Nothing can seem as exciting — and overwhelming — as buying your first home. Which do you do you first: look for the perfect property or chase the right mortgage? Where does a real-estate agent fit into the picture? There’s so much to consider that many first-time buyers don’t think about home insurance — a factor that will be important when it comes to closing on their house.

You should factor the ongoing cost of home insurance into your home-buying budget, because it will probably show up in your monthly mortgage payment along with payments on your loan principal and interest and your property taxes. That means you should go into your search knowing the basics about insuring your house and what can drive up the cost of coverage. Here are a few additional tips:

  • Bundle your policies – Buying home and auto insurance with the same provider can save you as much as 30% with some providers.
  • Don’t Skimp on coverage – Keep in mind your total dwelling structure coverage to rebuild your house in case it was destroyed. This is not always the same as your purchase price for the home.
  • Shop around – The price of home insurance varies widely from carrier to carrier. Each provider has a different way of determining home insurance premiums.

Liberty Mutual Insurance has excellent rates for first time home buyers. If you are getting ready to buy or rent, it is important to have this major investment properly protected. Please call me, Kyle Pearman, (610) 737-8231 to review your coverage.

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