Is Inside Conshohocken’s Borough Hall the Appropriate Venue for a Political “Rally”?

Correction – a previous version of this article stated that Borough Council member Jane Flanagan was in attendance. She was not.

Yesterday Governor Tom Wolf was at Conshohocken’s Borough Hall to “rally” (that is how the Governor’s press release described it) against Senate Bill 3, which depending how you look at it is a pro-life or pro-abortion bill.

Joining the Governor were State Representative Mary Jo Daley, County Commissioner Val Arkosh, three members of Conshohoken’s Borough Council (Karen Tutino, Anita Barton, and Colleen Leonard), Mayor Bob Frost and a few others not described as “women’s health advocates.”

“Once again, politicians in Harrisburg are trying to force their way into the doctor’s office so that they can have a say in women’s health care decisions,” said Governor Wolf. “Make no mistake about it – bills like SB 3 are an attack on women’s personal freedoms, personal choice, and personal liberties. I want to be clear, when and if this legislation ultimately reaches my desk – I will veto it.”

The Pennsylvania Senate passed the bill, despite bi-partisan opposition. The bill awaits action by the full House of Representatives and a vote is expected this week.

We don’t usually cover this type of thing, but it happened in Conshohocken and we find it odd that Borough Hall was allowed to be used for this type of political event. Would they allow whoever is in favor of the bill to hold a similar event? What other issues are appropriate for Conshohocken’s Borough Hall to be used for a political “rally.”  Do it for one, have to do it for everyone else.

There is a big difference between this type of “rally” and a governor or other elected state officials coming to tour a newly built Borough Hall, that was partially built with state funds, for a photo op. This wasn’t that. It was political advocacy.

Wouldn’t a health clinic have been a more appropriate venue?

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Photo: Office of Governor Wolf