Independent Eli Glick, Candidate for Whitemarsh Supervisor, Signs Transparency Pledge

Eli Glick, a formerly registered Democrat who switched to Independent to run for Supervisor in Whitemarsh Township, has signed’s Transparency Pledge (note he made some slight changes).

The pledge offers 10 items (some easy, some hard) that provide for a more open and transparent local government and school board. Some of the boards already do some of the things listed, others do very few.

For example, the Colonial School District publishes videos of meetings quickly and in a way that is easy to use. Whitemarsh publishes videos in a very outdated way and is not easy to use.

Also running for the three available seats on the Whitemarsh Board of Supervisors are three Republicans (Linda Doll, Perry Swartz, and Frank Scarpello) and three Democrats (incumbent Laura Boyle Nester, Vince Manuele, and Jacy Toll).

Glick is the fifth local candidate to sign the pledge. Those signing thus far are Chris Mundiath (R) running for Plymouth Council (Ward 2), Sarah Derr Sterious (R) running for Plymouth Council (Ward 4), Joseph G. Pignoli (R) running for a seat on Borough Council in West Conshohocken, and Michael Napolitan (R) running for a seat on Upper Merion’s Board of Supervisors.

A few candidates have discussed the pledge with us and we expect more.

You can view Glick’s pledge here.