In a Washington Post article, three politically active Conshohocken women share that they aren’t excited about Biden running, but do plan to support him

Three Conshohocken women were interviewed for an article that ran in The Washington Post on April 24th titled “Democrats reluctant about Biden 2024, but they see no other choice.” The trio interviewed are all active in local politics. The first is Sarah Aronson, who is the chair of the Conshohocken Democratic Committee and is married to the mayor, and Anne Loftus and Shannon Baudoin-Rea are elected committeepeople for the Democratic Party in Conshohocken.

The article was timely as it just happened to run the same day that President Biden officially announced his intent to run for re-election. All three plan to support Biden, however, they aren’t excited about it, just feel he is the safe choice. From the article:

When asked whether Biden should run next year, the three women laughed nervously. “Who wants to start?” Baudoin-Rea said. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Anne Loftus, 70, chimed in.

“He’s old, all right? He’s old. However, think for a minute of what happened the last 2½ years. Who else could have done what he did? Who else has the contacts? He is an unbelievable manager,” Loftus said.

Baudoin-Rea, a local Democratic committeewoman, wishes there was a more exciting, Obama-like candidate but has accepted there isn’t. “I think my view is like, I’m not opposed. I’m not excited. Will I vote for him? Absolutely. Will I campaign for him? Of course. Am I, like, thrilled? Am I, like, giddy to see him run again? No,” she said.

Biden “doesn’t energize me,” Aronson said. “He’s safe, he’s safe. But I think that’s probably what we need right now.”

“I’m okay with safe,” said Loftus, who is also an elected Democratic committeewoman.

You can read the entire article here.

Photo: Joe Biden’s campaign Facebook page