How to register for Code Red emergency alerts from the Borough of Conshohocken inquired with the Borough of Conshohocken about shelter(s) for those who live along the riverfront who might want to leave their home due to the expected flooding. Here is the response we received:

The Borough will be closely monitoring the impending storm and will be sending periodic and timely communication alerts regarding flooding, road closures, evacuation notices and/or shelter in place orders to Borough residents through our website, Facebook page, and more importantly, our Code Red Community Notification System.

If you could, it would be helpful if you could post the link to the Code Red Notification System up on More Than The Curve and encourage all residents to enroll so they can receive the updates from our emergency response team.

Additionally, if any residents have immediate concerns regarding the forecasted flooding and/or shelters, please encourage them to contact the Borough administration directly at 610-828-1092.

You can enroll in the Code Red Notification System here.