How the Plowing Works in Conshohocken

Since it is the evening before another snowfall, we figured it was time to finally follow-up regarding snow plowing and ice removal in Conshohocken.  We spoke to a few different people, including someone within Public Works.  Here is what we found out:

  • The Boroughs of Conshohocken and West Conshohocken plow, along with the state, their sides of Fayette Street/Matson Ford Road, but only the state plows the actual bridge
  • The state is responsible for shoveling and removing the ice on the sidewalks along the bridge
  • The response of the Borough of Conshohocken heavily depends on what day and time the snow falls.  If it snows on Monday morning at 9:00 a.m., Public Works has a full complement of workers on hand to work the storm.  If it snows on a Saturday, once called in, one plow will work the east side and another the west side (two workers are called in)
  • If it is not during normal business hours, the Police Officer on Duty is responsible for determining when the roads become hazardous and that the roads need to be plowed
  • According to a person we spoke to within Public Works, the workers feel they are always two to three hours behind getting started compared to Plymouth and Whitemarsh
  • Conshohocken does not pre-treat the roads throughout the borough, however, does salt a few problem areas
  • The borough has two salt sheds, but does not own a brine spreader
  • We sent an email asking for the Borough’s snow removal/plowing procedures and never got a response

We can also relay our own experience.  The day after the last big snowfall, we drove on Conshohocken Road from Ridge into Conshohocken.  Conshohocken Road, which is in Plymouth Township, was so cleared of snow we actually turned off our 4-wheel drive.  Once over the West Elm Bridge, the road was plowed, but still covered in snow.  Here are two photos taken looking at the bridge and one looking down West Elm:

Looking into Plymouth
Notice how clear the road is on the other side of the bridge.

West Elm Street still has a lot of snow and ice on it.
Just a short distance away, West Elm Street still has a lot of snow and ice on it.




So there you have it.