How group psychotherapy is helping women heal

Most women sometimes feel “blue” or stressed. But if depression, anxiety or grief are taking over your life, professional treatment from the team at Women’s Emotional Wellness Center (WEWC) can help you cope and heal.

Group psychotherapy is an important part of all WEWC programs. We asked WEWC director Liz Bland, LCSW to tell us more about it.

What is group psychotherapy?

Let me start by explaining that it’s not what you see on TV, where someone is expected to stand up alone in front of a group and tell their life story while everyone watches them. Group psychotherapy brings together a small number of patients who share common experiences and goals to work with a therapist and each other. Patients can share as much or as little as they want. We find that while many people are reluctant to try the group setting at first, most later tell us they’re glad they did. The shift happens when people begin to trust the group and the process.

What should group participants expect?

Every person who comes to WEWC is evaluated by one of our clinicians to determine the level of care they need. This may include our women’s partial hospitalization program with an average length of stay of 10-12 days. We also have women’s intensive outpatient treatment programs or less intensive outpatient psychotherapy groups for women, including Mindfulness & Meditation, After Baby Connections; Blossom & Become; Art For the Heart; Pregnant in a Pandemic; and After Baby Connections. Mindfulness & Meditation, After Baby Connections and more.

Learn more about group psychotherapy offered at WEWC here.


Women’s Emotional Wellness Center is thrilled to announce our newest outpatient group for women ages 18 and older, our bi-weekly mindfulness art-therapy group called ART FOR THE HEART! Join us for virtual group to learn about mindfulness and how making art can help us develop a mindfulness practice. No previous art or mindfulness experience necessary.

Women’s art therapy group with focus on:

  • Developing mindfulness and art-based coping techniques for depression, anxiety, adjustment
  • Using art to increase self-understanding and wellbeing
  • Using regular self-care and positive self-talk
  • Meeting other women for social support

Limited spots available. If you are a new patient interested in Art for the Heart, you will first be scheduled for a screening appointment to determine if this group is right for you. To schedule your screening, please call 1.888.CARE.898 (227.3898). Following your initial screening, you may join the group at any time. Current WEWC patients, please WEWC King of Prussia at 484.324.7222 to schedule/reschedule.

To learn more to schedule an appointment, visit or call 1.888.227.3898. Please join our Facebook group: