Delco Student’s History Project Explores Service of Conshohocken Native Killed in World War II

A Delaware County high school student has received accolades for his research into the life of Conshohocken native Staff Sargent William E. Davis, Jr. Delaware County’s Council recently recognized him as “a remarkable young man from the Garnet Valley School District who undertook a rigorous history project that took him to the hallowed beaches of Normandy, France.”

The student, Nicholas Iacovelli, and his history teacher, Amanda Reid, participated in a nationwide scholarship program through the Albert J. Small Student and Teacher Institute. Each student/teacher team was asked to research a fallen soldier from their home state who fought at Normandy and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Iacovelli researched the life of Davis who grew up in Conshohocken. The pair spent time in Washington, D.C., and then in Normandy, France conducting their research.

At the conclusion of the research project, Iacovelli and his teacher visited the American Cemetery in Normandy, where Iacovelli delivered a eulogy for Davis, who was shot down on December 5, 1943. In the eulogy, Iacovelli shared that the research project taught him the meaning of sacrifice.

Iacovelli created a website to share the results of the research into Davis’ life. You can visit the site by clicking here.