High Speed Motorcycle Attracts Police Helicopter Then Wrecks on Colwell Lane

Last night a motorcycle going at a high rate of speed attracted a police helicopter and eventually found itself in Conshohocken where it wrecked on Colwell Lane near Hillcrest. An area first responder shared with us the text from the alerts first responders received. Based on this, we gleaned the following:

  • A red motorcycle was being pursued by the Philadelphia Police at some point. They broke off pursuit.
  • The motorcycle eventually found itself on Conshohocken Road and was believed to be going 100+ mph
  • It was being tracked by a police helicopter, AIRTAC1
  • The motorcycle came into downtown Conshohocken and went into a parking garage
  • The motorcycle then went up West Elm and turned onto Colwell Lane
  • On Colwell Lane it was blowing the stop signs and reported to be going 60 mph
  • AIRTAC1 reports that it may have seen sparks and then it is stated that the motorcycle may have went down at Colwell and Hillcrest and it is unknown if the driver is still with the motorcycle
  • The driver is then reported to still be there and EMS is called. It only mentions facial injuries
  • There is then a mention of whether Philadelphia wants the driver and it is stated that Philadelphia was only after him for speeding and doesn’t
  • There is then a mention of whether the police have an issue with a helicopter landing at the back of the cemetery.

So that is what had everyone on the west side of Conshohocken looking out their windows last night.