High School Student Proposes Conshohocken Expressway to Directly Connect 476 and 276 to 76

Atharv Gupte, a high school student at Parkland High School in the Lehigh Valley, published a video today on his YouTube Channel, Webeo Transporation, that shows in detail how he would create a direct connection between 476 and 276 to 76. Here is the video:

Gupte describes his idea as follows:

Webeo is back to roads in its latest idea, a 4 lane expressway directly connecting the Mid County Interchange to the Conshohocken Curve in only 2.5 miles, saving on average 15-20 minutes off a commute during rush hour. This idea will dramatically reduce congestion on I-476 and I-76, the two busiest expressways in Pennsylvania, and also serve East Conshohocken more directly. In addition, a quadruple carriageway will be constructed between I-876 and the Mid-County Interchange, allowing easy traffic flow outside the city.

To give you some bearings, this basically uses the stretch of ground that contains the overhead power lines that you most prominently see locally at Wawa on Butler Pike. The new expressway would come down from the Mid-County Interchange follow the path of the wires down towards Wawa and continue down towards the river (basically adjacent to North Lane) and then cross the river to connect with 76. We were told by a traffic engineer hired by the Borough of Conshohocken for a traffic study that the most practical location for a bridge was at North Lane, so Gupte’s plan does make sense.

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